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About Us | Linda Resort Hotel

About | Linda Resort Hotel

About Us | Linda Resort Hotel

Being one of the best modern practitioners of the family business and aiming further in line with its aims in the tourism sector, it aims to create a brand with its unique service understanding in the service sector, trained with environmental awareness, team spirit, without compromising superior service quality, It has adopted the vision of being an exemplary facility that is always preferred by its guests, with an understanding of environmental sensitivity, in line with the principle of "using nature by preserving it, not consuming it."

Linda Resort Hotel is a hotel that is proud of being a facility that is constantly recommended and preferred by our customers, with its environmentally sensitive and friendly hospitable service, keeping the Turkish hospitality at the forefront, keeping the Turkish hospitality in the forefront, never giving up on our quality service principles for a high level of guest satisfaction. has made it a mission to be a facility.


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